Lakewood Park Camp
has three main buildings:

                    "Lakewood Lodge"          "the moorings"          "The rookery"   

          THE MAIN BUILDING “Lakewood Lodge” IS EQUIPPED WITH:

  • Full commercial kitchen
  • Lounge area overlooking the Gippsland Lakes
  • A magnificent open fire
  • Dining area
  • An indoor activities area

Captains quatersLakewood park lodge

Lakewood Park Camp
: has sleeping accommodation for up to 150 Guests


  • Two spacious bunk houses, with ground floor bunk rooms that can accommodate up to 64 guests in each building, both equipped with modern shared bathroom facilities, and upstairs accommodation sleeping up to 4 guests with ensuite bathrooms and a kitchenette.


  • “The Moorings” which is generally used for male guests has eight rooms each with 4 bunks


  • “The Rookery” which is generally used for female guests also has eight rooms each with 4 bunks 


  • "Teachers Retreat",  In both bunk houses, there is upstairs accommodation for four guests, with an ensuite bathroom & kitchenette

  • "Lakewood Lodge"  There is upstairs accommodation in the main lodge for up to 14 guests also with a bathroom.

Facility Layout
                                 BEDROOM LAYOUT





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